Email Marketing 101

Email marketing is a very popular and powerful marketing tool for lead generation, engagement and conversions. This form of marketing allows businesses to reach customers and prospects efficiently and affordably.

Welcome to Email Marketing 101…enjoy…

1. What are your goals and objectives?

2. Divide your database into segments You should divide your database into different segments that are relevant to your offering. For example; geographic, psychographic, demographic, product/service based, existing customers, new customers, lost leads etc. This way you can send each segment a different message and offer based on their needs and wants. This ensures maximum cut through and ROI for your eDM campaigns.

3. Designing your email Your email needs a strong enticing subject line, a relevant headline, plenty of white space to ensure a clutter free layout, an eye catching image, an offer in the top 1/3 of the email, provoking copy with a call-to-action, click throughs to your website, and social media links.

4. Testing You should regularly split-test your email and change only one element such as the subject line to compare response rates to help you determine what your recipients do and do not respond to.

5. Email Marketing Plan You should have a regular schedule of when emails are sent out. They should not be too frequent as to annoy your recipients but regular enough to stay front of mind. Best email practices state that on a Tuesday/Wednesday at around 9am is the best time to send an email – this will depend on your target demographic however.

6. Analyse and Monitor Arguably the most important aspect. It is necessary to measure your open rates, bounce backs, conversions, click throughs, and duration the email is open so you can measure your ROI from your marketing efforts.

7. Follow up Research suggests that following up on an email offer can lift conversion rates and build brand awareness and recognition is ones mind.

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