What makes your business unique from your competitors?

What makes your business more unique and valuable than your competitors?

Most businesses these days when asked, “what’s your unique selling point?” either can’t answer or can but are not communicating it to the most important people…their customers.

In this highly competitive world, every business should have a USP; this is what makes you memorable from your competitors, makes you unique, and makes you stand out in the crowd. Whatever it is you need to do it consistently, deliver on your promises and do it well.

A USP answers the question; “how does your business benefit your customers better than anyone else?” By communicating this answer clearly to your target market it will dramatically improve your businesses position in the market and as long as it is seen as a valuable differentiator then sales will almost certainly increase.

A successful USP can also be incorporated into your business tagline and your marketing material clearly communicating to your customers why they should come to you over your competitors.

So what’s your USP?

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