Why content marketing should be part of your marketing strategy

Content Marketing – creating and sharing relevant content that adds value to your target audience. With the ultimate objective of attracting and acquiring new customers and generating leads and sales. Content can transpire in a variety of forms such as blogs, social media, videos, newsletters, white papers and so on.

Every small business should have a content strategy for these important reasons:

Brand awareness

By distributing valuable content consistently, you are being seen by your target market frequently and will become familiar to them and top of mind when they need your product or service. Content marketing helps to establish and build your brand identity in a market place full of clutter.

Building trust

Content marketing helps to showcase your business as a trusted expert in the industry. With most people using the web to search and discovery they will look at your content and feel confident in your expertise and trust what you say you can deliver.

Thought leadership

By utilising the talent and experience from inside your business and sharing your knowledge and ideas with your community you can be seen as an influencer and a thought leader. Positioning you and your business as a trusted, experienced and knowledgeable industry leader – putting you as the first port of call when someone needs what your offer.

Market and promote your business

Content marketing is a valuable way to market your business and offering while not being too ‘salesy’ in your approach. It showcases why people should engage with your business over your competitors and allows you to humanise your brand.

Sharing content brings people to your door

Creating a steady stream of valuable content drives people to your website, where you’re offering is marketed 24/7. Content marketing is also a big influencer on your search rankings, helping you be seen on major search engines.

Keeps your website fresh

It’s easy to build a website and forget about it leaving you with a stale, stagnant site. Your website should be a moving beast that is constantly updated. Content marketing is one way to help you keep fresh new information on your website portraying you as professional and knowledgeable in your field.

You may think that content marketing seems like a ‘nice to have’ rather than an essential element to your marketing plan. Yes, online marketing tactics like social media and pay-per-click advertising appear more rewarding with instant results, however content marketing is extremely powerful when done right that will pay dividends in the future.

It’s about looking at the big picture…

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